Heba Y. Amin

Amin’s projects are research-based investigations addressing themes related to urbanism and technology. They question modes of development and construction within a political context and look at contested territory through junctures, glitches and flawed memory. Using various media, Amin utilizes a sociopolitical approach to scrutinize the impact of imposed infrastructures on the human psyche.

Her artistic work has been shown worldwide with exhibitions: A Rectilinear Propagation of Thought (Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2018), Geographies of Imagination (SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, Germany, 2018), 10th Berlin Biennale (Germany, 2018), Marrakech Biennale (Parallel Projects, Marrakech, Morocco, 2016), To What End? (Camera Austria, Austria, 2015), Say What? (Zilberman Gallery, 2015), Difference Screen (Museum of Contemporary Art, Croatia, 2015), Displaced (Schlachten Contemporary Arts Festival, Germany, 2015), 9th Forum Expanded Exhibition (64th Berlinale, Germany, 2014), A Time for Dreams (IV Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Russia, 2014), Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photo de Fes-8eme edition (Institute Francais Fes, Morocco, 2014), Pioneering Values (WRO 15th Media Art Biennale, Poland, 2013), Difference Screen (Gotlands Art Museum, Sweden, 2014 and Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Mongolia, 2013), It’s in the Can (Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, Austria, 2012).

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  - I’m an Eye, A Mechanical Eye
  - A Highlight Of ‘A Rectilinear Propagation Of Thought’
  - A Rectilinear Propagation Of Thought
  - An Astronomical Determination of the Distance Between Two Cities
  - The Earth is an Imperfect Ellipsoid
  - Ultrahabitat
  - Say What?