Walid Siti

Walid Siti investigates aspects of collective memory, cultural identity and personal experience amid changing socio-political realities. His paintings, drawings, and sculptures are subtle yet politically charged reflections on forced migration, exile, war and political paradoxes. His work developed in response to the ongoing upheaval of conflict and processes of transformation prevalent in the Middle East. Siti takes inspiration from the cultural heritage of his native land that is crisscrossed with militarized borders and waves of migration.

Born in Iraqi Kurdistan, Siti lived in the former Yugoslavia before seeking political asylum in London during increasing aggression against those opposed to Iraq’s Ba’athist regime. Based in London since then, Siti’s experience of exile feeds off his work, which at times can be read as a poetic observation of the rapid changes in Erbil after its stagnation from years of war.

Walid Siti (1954, Duhok) has exhibited internationally. He represented Iraq at the 54th Venice Biennale. His work has recently been included in important solo and group exhibitions at Restless Monuments (Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2018), The Black Tower (Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul,Turkey, 2017), Sharjah Biennial 13 (Sharjah, UAE, 2017), Visions of War Above and Below (The Imperial War Museum, London,UK, 2016), Ultrahabitat (Zilberman Gallery, Berlin,Germany, 2016), Restrictions of the Earth (Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, Istanbul,Turkey, 2016), Restrictions of the Earth (Hinterland Gallery, Vienna/Austria, 2016), Iran Pavillion (56th Venice Biennial, Venice, 2015); Asia Society in New York, NY; and Hajj: Journey to Mecca (Museum of Islamic Art, Doha,Qatar, 2015), New Babylon, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014). His work is in prestigious collections, including The British Museum, London; The Metropolitan Museum Of Arts, NY; The Imperial War Museum, London; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; the Barjeel Art Foundation, Jordan; The World Bank, Washington, DC.

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